Anglo-Saxon Aggression: Bob Marley’s Granddaughter And AirBnb Friends Threatened By Cop Chopper Because They Didn’t Wave At White Woman

Police Called On Innocent Black Group Leaving AirBnb

A group using AirBnb while visiting in California experienced a nightmarish run in with police while leaving the property and caught it all on camera. When they tried to pack up their car with luggage, police cars swarmed and they were notified that a helicopter was also tracking their moves…in case they wanted to get away? The crime they had apparently committed was not waving at a White lady neighbor to the property.

Yes. A White woman called police and said that the group was burglarizing the Rialto, California property and they were supposed escaping with luggage. She “knew” they were burglars because they did stop and wave at her. Upon arriving, police were skeptical, saying they had no idea was AirBnb was and demanded the group prove they weren’t criminals.

Donisha Prendergas, the grand-daughter of Bob Marley was one of the Black people disgustingly accosted by police in the incident and she details the entire ordeal on IG. Take a look:

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