In Case You Were Wondering: Here’s Why Beyonce Wasn’t Strutting Her Style At The Met Gala Last Night

Here’s The Reason Beyonce Wasn’t At The Met Gala

Beyonce and Jay-Z are known to make quite a splash on the Met Gala red carpet (and a bang in the afterparty elevators) each year.

After taking last year off to birth her twins, fans expected Bey to come back with a vengeance and slay the “Heavenly Bodies” Catholocism theme this year.

However, when it came time for the event…Bey was nowhere to be found. Fans even joked that she slayed the carpet while dressed as the Holy Ghost:

But where were the Carters for real?

It turns out, according to Vogue, they decided to take a last minute vacation out of the public eye before embarking on their nationwide On The Run II Tour. So while the rest of the industry was dressed in uncomfortable high-end couture…the Carters were kicking their feet up in some tropical location.

Did you miss her appearance on the carpet? How do you think Bey would have interpreted the theme with her ‘fit?




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