What-A-Man: Disgruntled Wife Puts Pepa On Blast For Being Young Dumb Hubby’s Geriatric Side Piece — And They Just Had A Baby

Pepa Put On Blast For Stealing Woman’s Husband

Well, damn. This is messy.

A woman from Houston named Jordyn Taylor is putting Pepa from “Salt-N-Pepa” and her dirty dogging hubby on blast for having a full blown relationship, while he’s STILL married and claiming Pep was his “boss”. To make matters worse, the young couple just welcomed a baby  less than three weeks ago and he tried to make Pepa the “God Mother!

Jordyn is fed and decided to set the record straight on who really is in a relationship with the young stud, Aundre, after Pepa put up this post praising her man.

Yikes! The wife wasn’t having it. She says Pepa is joke for calling him a “good dad” when he just abandoned his seed to be the cub to her cougar. We also snooped on his page and saw that he’s a “singer”. His wife alleges that her husband introduced her to Pepa as his “boss”.

Maybe Pepa his helping him with his career in exchange for a lil love??? Hit to see what his wife thinks.

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