Cardi B Was Ordered Off Social Media Due To Stress On Pregnancy

Just one day after Cardi B deleted her Instagram, a report has surfaced that her doctor ordered her to get off of social media because it was adding stress to her pregnancy. Here’s all the details!

Pregnancy all by itself is an ordeal for women — swelling, discomfort and more! Let’s add being a touring performer on top of that. Let’s also add battling with critics on social media! It’s got to take a serious toll! Which is why it’s not a huge surprise that a report has surfaced claiming Cardi B, 25, was told she needed to get off of social media because the stress was complicating her pregnancy! “It was too much stress, dealing with the haters on Instagram. The doctor told her to stay off for now,” a source told, claiming the orders came from the rapper’s obstetrician. “Cardi was getting really stressed out, and everyone is worried. Cardi should have gotten off a long time ago. But she’s off now, and everyone is happy.”

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