Nick Young Slammed For Saying Cocaine Should Be Legalized & ‘Everybody’ Should Do It: He’s An ‘Idiot’

Did Swaggy P just say that? Yes, Nick Young, thrilled to hear that Canada legalized marijuana, said that he wants cocaine to be legalized and fans blasted the NBA champ for being a ‘full blown idiot.’

Nick Young, 33, was exiting 1 OAK in Los Angeles on June 19 when he bumped into TMZ Sports. When asked his thoughts on Canada becoming the second country in the world to legalize recreational use of marijuana, Swaggy P (and member of the current reigning NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors) suggested that this decriminalization go beyond the pages of High Times. “I want people to pass cocaine,” Nick said, adding that he also thinks that “everybody needs to do cocaine

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