Exclusive: Here’s What Happened When Security Asked Erica Mena To Move At The BET Awards

Reality Star Erica Mena Was Asked To Move Because She Was Sitting In Execs Seats

Here’s a BOSSIP exclusive from the BET Awards. Anyone who’s ever been to the BET Awards knows there can be a lot of moving around throughout the show and shuffling to make sure that the audience is looking right for the cameras. Last night, that caused a bit of embarrassment for at least one reality star in the audience who was asked to move because she and her date were occupying the seats of a pair of high ranking music industry execs — who had been backstage but returned to watch their artist grace the stage!

BOSSIP sources in the building say the chairman and president of black music for Atlantic Records were startled to find Erica Mena and Cliff Dixon in their seats after they returned from visiting an artist backstage. Our source says Mena refused to move when the execs returned and security had to be called!

“The people who the seats belonged to came back, but Erica kept saying she wasn’t getting up because BET had put her there,” an eyewitness told BOSSIP exclusively. “When security came they asked them to produce their tickets and they couldn’t, she caused a huge scene in the audience and was basically flipping out over it.”

“If you don’t have tickets then you are technically a seat filler and required to move when the real ticket holders show up,” the BOSSIP source added.

If you watch Erica’s IG story you can see her sitting within the first few rows in her early videos, while later videos are clearly shot from a seat further from the stage.

All we can say is, good thing Erica didn’t have a drink with her. She’s been known to get pretty aggressive during some of her past “Love & Hip-Hop” appearances.

How embarrassing!

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